How to upload an image when making a contribution

A question type with which respondents can upload an image to support what they are commenting about via their laptop or mobile devices. Respondents can share pictures of the locations that they would like to see improved e.g. cycle paths


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How can I add ‘Respondent upload’ question type to my proposal or tile?

1. Click on a tile and then click on the Edit page icon to go into edit mode as shown below.



2. In edit mode, click on the Add tab, scroll down to find the Respondent upload question type, drag the Respondent upload card and drop this in the mobile phone screen as shown in the video below. Then, in the mobile phone screen, click on the question type to access and edit the question properties on the right hand side of the screen. You can set the maximum number of files you would like your respondents to upload. Please do not forget to hit the Save button at the top right corner of the page.

Please note: Respondents are allowed to upload a maximum of 5 files.

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How can respondents upload an image when making a contribution?


Respondents can easily upload a maximum of 5 images in different formats such as .jpg, .jpeg, and .png by dragging and dropping these image files or browsing through image files in the folders on your local computer as shown in the screenshots respectively.




After you have uploaded your image file, this file will be displayed as shown below.



Please note that these images must go through and pass the automatic content moderation process before they can be displayed to the public for viewing on your website. If an image does not pass the content moderation process, that image will not be displayed for public viewing.



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