How to upload documents using the media upload feature

An easy drag and drop solution to uploading media

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What is media upload?

You can now upload pdf’s with this feature in a few simple steps. This is great for additional resources, and supporting documents for a proposal if visitors wanted a deeper understanding. 


Top tip

Try to place all pdf and attachments at the end of the proposal, after the feedback questions, in order to not obstruct engagement


How to upload documents using the media upload feature

  1. When you are editing a project tile, select ‘+Add’ and scroll down to the ‘Media library’ feature

  1. Drag and drop this feature on to the project tile, in the section that you want it to be laid out, and then label the section:

  1. The last step is to add your pdf by browsing your files or drag and dropping this. Once this is done, click Save.

Please note files sizes are limited to 24.9MB per upload

Note: Accessibility should be considered when using PDFs to ensure they can be read by assistive technologies.

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