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Commonplace transforms the public consultation process by dramatically improving participation and data gathering processes, so you can deliver the change people really need.
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Commonplace offered a simple, clear way of capturing people’s views. It was thrilling to see the colourful comments proliferate across our map. The hundreds of responses have helped us diagnose the problems that our project seeks to fix.
Ben Webster, Norwich City Council

Cost-effective, inclusive stakeholder communication

Commonplace makes public comment and opinion gathering quick and straightforward, helping you build trust and ensure access for the whole community. The platform is easily scalable, allowing it to be cost-effectively rolled out to new projects and new communities.

Exceptional engagement
Commonplace projects elicit up to 10 times more responses than traditional methods, allowing quick, simple online feedback from any device.
Balanced conversations
The open forum format integrates with social media, allowing you to host discussion and break down barriers between community and project teams.
Openness and transparency
Commonplance allows you to present community opinion data in a highly visual, easily digestible format, in keeping with high standards of government.
Better decision-making
Built-in tools deliver the deep insights you need to shape your project, including rich qualitative and quantitative data that is easily captured, analysed and shared.

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