Why are all the young people gone? They've been waiting for too long.

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 Talk to anyone who has been to a community consultation and they will describe a room of people over the age of 55. Where are the younger people? If you read some of the studies of this age group, you would be forgiven for concluding they are just working, shopping, gaming and interacting online, rather than interacting with their local area.

Our study of 1,350 comments from people under the age of 35 shows that such stereotypes of local apathy and disinterest amongst younger people are untrue.

Younger people are in fact insightful, analytical, practical and full of energy for positive local change. However their voices are often inadvertently blocked - because the planning conversations happen away from the places they find comfortable. Whilst for the over 55s it might be a local meeting, for the under 35s it is online.

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