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From Blight to Beauty: Reimagining Brownfield Development

Brownfield report
Brownfield reportr

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Brownfield sites are a crucial topic in the realm of urban development and environmental preservation. As our cities continue to expand, the demand for land increases, leading to the utilisation of these previously developed areas.

So… what does the public think of these sites and how can you harness public opinion to successfully build on them? And what are the advantages of brownfield sites?

In this guide you'll find:

  • Engagement data from 20 separate brownfield sites
  • The most common themes identified from the data: what does the public want from these sites?
  • Actionable engagement recommendations.
  • Applicable principles that ensure effective engagement.
  • And more…

With over 300,000 new homes needed in the UK every year, there’s pressure to find new places to build. Brownfield sites seem ripe for the job, especially as over 1.2 million homes could be built on 23,000 identified sites of previously developed land. 

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