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Creating healthier, safer and sustainable environments:
Engagement and consultation

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It would be a gross understatement to say that climate change is a topic that is gathering momentum. The last few weeks have seen a whole raft of protests; and over a half of UK local authorities have now declared a Climate Emergency. It's clear that time is of the essence, and measures such as increased access to renewable energy, fewer vehicles consuming petrol and diesel, and improved and more affordable public transport create the opportunity to lessen the negative impact we’re having on our environment. 

Commonplace has recently hosted an online consultation on climate change for Camden Councils Citizen’s Climate Assembly, where consultees were asked what they could do to reduce Co2 at home, in their neighbourhoods and also the country and the council could do. This is just one example of the work we've done to create healthier, safer and more sustainable environments.

Download our white paper to see more of the engagements we have run, which have had a direct impact on carbon reduction.