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Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: Why everyone needs to take note

Low traffic neighbourhood report
Low traffic neighbourhood reportr

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You've probably seen Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) on the news, social media or even in your own area. So, why should you be taking note?

In this guide you'll find:

  • How views on LTNs are split by gender, mode of transport, age, living distance from LTNs and more
  • A deep dive into why these opinions have formed
  • Key statistics on how views have changed
  • How we gather this data and how it can be used to drive better schemes
  • And more…

Many public authorities are developing local transport measures to support active travel like walking, wheeling and cycling. As part of this initiative, LTNs and other local ideas have been introduced as systematic solutions to reducing car dependency and improving general health and well-being. The media coverage has been fierce with heavily contested opinions flung left, right and centre in the media. But where do these views come from and what are the genuine concerns people have?

In this report, Commonplace uses extensive people-centred data that we gathered from hundreds of Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemes to identify real attitudes and priorities of different groups towards LTNs.

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