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Attitudes to regeneration across the UK: A data-driven report

regeneration report
Regeneration community engagement reportr

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Regeneration: it’s happening all over the UK as we speak, but can often be met with all kinds of resistance from the public. Why is this the case?

That's what this free eBook is here to show you

In this report you'll find:

  • FIVE REGENERATION TRENDS we’ve discovered from our data

  • Changing public views on regeneration in:
    • London
    • Plymouth
    • Birmingham
    • Manchester
    • As well as UK-wide sentiments

  • Strategies to foster more constructive community engagement in regeneration projects.

 We have gathered over 66,000 people-centred data points from 233 Commonplaces around public attitudes to regeneration in their local area and what exactly they’re saying.  

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