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UKREIIF 2023: Putting the S in ESG: Building a Sustainable Future with Your Community

17th May 2023

Mike Saunders saide morgan wesley selina ellie

The session was originally recorded at UKREIIF 2023.

This session will be a deep dive into social value as a key driver of improvement in UK Housing. 

The last year has been marked by a number of dramatic realisations about the current state of UK housing, namely about what we should we be focussing on to drive improvement. One key part of this discussion is: ESG, especially the social value aspect- but it raises a number of questions too: How is it measured? Who is standardising it? How can we chart people’s lived experiences into hard data? And what kind of policies have been written to help with this?

The panelists looked at macro issues as well as bottom-up initiatives and what must change to drive improvement in the future - truly putting the S in Environmental and Social Governance


Speakers include:

  • Mike Saunder, CEO and CO-Founder of Commonplace (Chair)

  • Selina Mason, Director of Masterplanning at Lendlease

  • Wesley Ankrah, Social Value Director Savills

  • Ellie Cosgrave, Director of CIC and Research at Publica

  • Prof. Sadie Morgan, founder of QOLF
Mike Saunders

Mike Saunders


Co-founder, CEO

Cleo Weeden

Cleo Weeden


Head of Private Sector

Lucille Watkins-Brazier

Lucille Watkins-Brazier

Lendlease Europe

Development Director

Liz Hamson

Liz Hamson

Property Communications Consultant

paul barton

Paul Barton

Southampton City Council

Interim Head of Planning and Economic Development