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On Demand Webinar

Creating safer streets through digital inclusion

27th May 2021

Pam Alexander OBE Anna Birley Lauryn Brown May East-1 Keith Stanger Claire Barnett

A recent survey for UN Women UK found that 80% of women of all ages in the UK said they had experienced sexual harassment in public spaces, of which men are overwhelmingly the perpetrators.

At Commonplace, we are offering a free Community Heatmap to local authorities to support the development of safer places.  The aim is to create a dialogue to improve places by first understanding areas where women & girls feel unsafe but enable them to provide feedback on what would make them feel safer.  

In this webinar, Commonplace Chair, Pam Alexander OBE will host a panel discussing the key challenges in creating safe streets and how engagement can build partnerships to create safer environments for women & girls. This will include Keith Stranger, London Borough of Islington; May East, UNITAR Fellow; and prominent campaigners.

In this webinar, we will cover

  • What are the key problems in communities for women & girls? 
  • What methods and approaches can we use to make meaningful change? 
  • How can digital help understand the problem at scale?
  • The importance of community safety partnerships in spurring changes.


Pam Alexander OBE

Pam Alexander OBE



Anna Birley

Anna Birley

Reclaim These Streets


Lauryn Brown

Lauryn Brown

UN Women UK

Founder (UEA Society)

May East-1

May East

UN Institute for Training and Research

Associate Fellow

Keith Stanger

Keith Stanger

London Borough of Islington

Head of Community Safety

Claire Barnett

Claire Barnett

UN Women UK

Executive Director

Webinar Details

Making public spaces safe and inclusive for all

New data published by UN Women UK has found that the majority of women and girls in the UK are experiencing sexual harassment in public spaces.

This is a topic that is of particular relevance given the tragic disappearance and murder of Sarah Everard. Yet not enough is being done to help change this reality.

Change needs to happen, therefore we are teaming up with UN Women and Portland Communications to help people from up and down the country drop a pin on a map, and detail precisely areas in which they feel unsafe or scared.

We hope that through having an in-depth understanding of the problem, gives us the data governments and businesses need to implement solutions now, to create safer environments. 

In this webinar, we will be joined by the London borough of Islington and prominent campaigners, as we will be discussing how better conversations can help us to create safer streets.