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Great places come from understanding and responding to the needs of their people.

As a team of entrepreneurs, designers, technologists and urban planners, we're making engagement more open, trusted and diverse.

We are helping developers, councils, city managers and their communities to understand each others’ needs and communicate better. Traditional consultation can be manual, time intensive and a one-off snapshot. Our tools aim to provide an ongoing channel of understanding and collaboration. Customers use Commonplace to reveal issues and suggest solutions, as well as for statutory consultation and formal planning applications. We also help communities plan their neighbourhoods, co-design solutions and analyse the social impact of new developments.

By making local participation easy, we reach wider audiences and provide real-time dashboards to see ‘the heartbeat’ of an area. We encourage companies to adopt these approaches and to be more open to collaboration – because it benefits them. After all, even major developers strive to meet less opposition and to become more agile in responding to people's needs.


We are proud of who we are. Our core values are to be:

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We are proud of what we do and strive to provide the best experience and tools for our customers:

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Our team is growing! Click here for more information if you're interested in joining us!   


Meet the team

UK Team

Mike Saunders
Mike Saunders
David Janner-Klausner
David Janner-Klausner
Co-founder and director of Customer Success
Glenn Brawn photo
Glenn Brawn
Sales Director
Toby Bennett
Local Government Lead
Photo of Ahmed
Ahmed Khan
Client Director
Fee Schmidt-Soltau
Fee Schmidt-Soltau
Product & Design
Image from iOS-3
Richard Wright
Front-End Developer
Rufus Honour
Rufus Honour
Lead Developer
Image from iOS-3
Nouvella Kusi
Marketing Coordinator
Sam Campion
Customer Success Manager
Photo of Eleni Salamouri
Eleni Salamouri
Customer Success Champion
USA Team
Tony Davis
USA Managing Director
Steve Rowe
Local government expert

Come and visit us

Commonplace UK

Commonplace Digital Ltd.
2 Leman Street,
Aldgate Tower,
London E1 8FA

Tel: +44 (0)203 5531990

Commonplace USA

Commonplace Digital Ltd.
1268 Prospect Street
La Jolla, CA 92037

Tel: +1-866-494-8597