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Catford engagement

Posted by  David Janner-Klausner 

Commonplace was selected by the London Borough of Lewisham to deliver insight into what residents and visitors to Catford think about the area at present, and how they’d like to see it change and improve.

Catford is located in South London and is a fairly traditional town centre with a mix of high street retail, a 1960’s covered shopping centre under a brutalist-style housing estate and some significant public buildings including council offices and a theatre. The South Circular Road carries significant traffic and both serves and severs the area, which is also served by two railway stations - Catford and Catford Bridge.

Lewisham commissioned Commonplace over a year before it was planning to appoint master planners to consider the regeneration of Catford. There were multiple reasons for the long lead. The council wanted plenty of time to gather information; but it also saw using Commonplace as part of its communication strategy, preparing local residents and communities for change and in the course of 18 months, building a greater sense of local identity, focus and engagement. During this period, the council soft-launched a local brand, “Team Catford”, using it within Commonplace and gradually developing a presence through logo, colour scheme, a separate Team Catford website and an ongoing series of local events.

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David Janner-Klausner

Posted by David Janner-Klausner

Co-founder and director of Customer Success

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