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Bring your community members together to have a discussion about your proposals.

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A place to talk, share and learn from the community

The forum feature is designed to promote community interaction and conversation. Set up an online discussion site where your community members can hold conversations in the form of posted messages around a particular topic.


Encourage open discussion

Want to engage with your community on a number of different topics?

Create different topic pages that help share information, ask questions and construct a debate around a particular theme. Users can share their thoughts and engage in constructive dialogue with other community members.


Move the debate away from social media

The growth of social media has meant debate takes place without any conventional rules or restrictions. Sadly, unstructured conversations can result in views being distorted or misrepresented.

Our forums are designed to make sure conversations are well mannered, candid, and considerate so that all your communities can safely share their views and opinions.

People find out about your plans on social media. They discover what they mean for them on Commonplace - and they use our tools to get involved.


A safe and transparent space

To make sure everyone feels comfortable sharing their views, our forums have inbuilt AI to help prevent any content being shared that is against our terms of use.

Once a comment is submitted, it is checked for any profanity and explicit content before being published. This is to make sure the conversation remains a safe space for constructive dialogue.