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Participation Dashboard

Monitor the performance of your consultations with real-time moderation. At a glance, understand who you are reaching and who you are missing.

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Participation Dashboard

Quickly monitor your engagements

Track engagement and visualise areas of the community you are not reaching. See the performance of your engagements over time and make better decisions for your community in the future.


Ensure a balanced conversation

Use our participation dashboard to understand who you are reaching so you can drive an inclusive approach to your community engagement.

Benchmark against ONS data in the area you are consulting so you can ensure proportional representation.


Discover marketing effectiveness

The dashboard reporting allows you to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your communications. 

It lets you see which channels are most effective at driving engagement and actions from your target audiences so that you can efficiently track your efforts.




Track the conversation as it evolves

With the Participation Dashboard, you can easily track the conversation as it develops by filtering in a number of ways including by location, medium or topic.

The dashboard features multiple comparison metrics so that you can see how the sentiment of a particular story or theme has changed over time.


Gather special category data safely

Special category demographics questions can be safely gathered throughout your consultation in order to better understand your success in reaching certain audiences. 

Special category data is fully anonymised in your dashboard in order to protect respondents. Viewing this data in a pseudonymised view is available upon request and approval from our team.


Import all your data from other sources

Do you have data you've gathered from different sources? It's easy to import all these contributions directly into your dashboard. This is ideal for you if:

  • You have gathered paper surveys and want to import them in one AI-powered click (the import tool checks for inconsistencies and highlights potential errors in your files!)
  • You want to centralise all the data gathered from other platforms to build one holistic view of it all

Explore other features

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    Promote and build awareness of your engagements and get more people to participate.

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    Collect suggestions and ideas from your community on a range of different topics

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    Explore and understand real-time community insight with ease.

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    Continually engage throughout the process, share updates and build trust.