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Local Planning

Pre PlanApps by Commonplace

Transform your pre-planning applications

Discover the only tool on the market designed with local authorities to solve common inefficiencies early in the planning process and provide a measurable revenue stream to invest back into your local community.


Without proper pre-planning, you could be missing out on:

  • Effective resource allocation
  • Understand the upcoming needs and demands of a planning project
  • Freeing up time and effort from planning officers
  • Understanding the real wants of your community
  • Creating an entirely new revenue stream

This online pre-planning platform provides a user-friendly way for people to find out about pre-planning applications and leave their thoughts on them.
Simply fill in the form and one of our friendly engagement specialists will get in touch with you and take you on a personalised tour.
You can also watch our webinar about its features

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Make the experience modern, mobile-friendly and familiar to make community engagement as easy and enjoyable as online shopping.


Show all pre-planning applications on an interactive map, have a clear timeline of events and keep the entire community up to date with news updates.

Generate revenue without burdening on officer time

How does it work?

  • Increase community self-service, with fewer inbound enquiries for planning officers to handle

  • The developer opts into community engagement and pays when submitting their pre-planning application

  • The local authority provides key information to Commonplace

  • Commonplace builds the tile & invites developer admin users

  • The developer launch notifies the existing Commonplace community

  • The developer analyses the results to generate insights in the Commonplace dashboard

  • The local authority & Commonplace reconcile accounts on a quarterly basis

Allocate resources effectively and efficiently

  • By understanding the upcoming needs and demands of the community, authorities can make more informed decisions about the allocation of budget resources and infrastructure.

  • This saves time and money. When developers are open to pre-planning, this results in much better quality applications.

Get more people engaged in pre-planning applications

  • Connect with our existing community panel

  • Display pre-planning applications simply and visually to increase trust and engagement rates

  • Showcase in an easy-to-digest manner

Power up your planning insights

  • Understand the origins of your website traffic to spot geographical or socio-demographic gaps

  • Build engagement metrics so you can identify which presentation format performs best

  • Analyse comments using our TopicsAI to extract key themes in text-based comments

How does Commonplace work?

Pre PlanApps by Commonplace is designed to help you reach your community, engage them in conversation, analyse their feedback and collaborate on future ideas. Use Commonplace as your online community engagement hub and build trust and transparency with local people.

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    Promote and build awareness of your engagements and get more people to participate.

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    Collect suggestions and ideas from your community on a range of different topics

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    Explore and understand real-time community insight with ease.

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    Continually engage throughout the process, share updates and build trust.