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Visual & Voice Capture

Include innovative and interactive question types to capture the imagination of your community.

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Commonplace voice and visual capture

Pioneering new ways to capture community views

Our suite of voice and visual capture options will bring out more relevant and genuine insights from your community, by encouraging them to put more thought into their response, while keeping the interactions light and fast.


Image (and document) upload

Invite residents to include an image of the place they are contributing about, super useful on Community Heatmaps. 

Or invite respondents to share design inspiration for the new playground, junction layout or building materials.

You may also allow document upload for statutory consultations or more detailed representations.


Voice capture

A pioneering new way to capture the true essence of what respondents are saying. By hearing them talk.

You'll feel the emotion, and the passion, the suggestions, the hopes and the fears. And you'll receive transcriptions and voice sentiment scores alongside the comments.



Comment on an image

Much like our Community Heatmap, respondents love dropping their pin on an architect's plan or artist's impression. 

Ask for community feedback on your plans and get richer insights by allowing people to show you exactly what they want to comment on. Co-design in action.


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