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Commonplace Select

Engage with a predefined list of stakeholders for your statutory engagements.

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Customise your engagements to consult with specific stakeholder groups

Consult pre-identified groups on specific topics in a safe, bias-free environment by activating Commonplace Select. Stakeholders can access "invite only" consultations or hidden comments within their engagements, often needed for statutory consultations, pre planning stakeholder engagement, or surveys for tenants in housing associations.


Segmentation for relevant issues

It's all in the name. With Commonplace Select, you can choose which limited group of stakeholders can participate to your consultation. Choose who to invite, to engage with and ensure topics are of relevance, whether that is based on location, industry, type of housing stakeholders live in or any other criteria.

Commonplace Select can also be combined with Commonplace Consult to restrict what respondents can see from other respondents' answers.


An enhanced response rate

As Commonplace Select projects require an 'invite' to participate, response rates are proven to be a lot higher.

Requesting the contribution of community members means they are incentivised to participate. This is because they feel their contribution is more likely to be seen and taken into consideration.


Rule out bias

Commonplace Consult allows you, the decision-makers, to engage with respondents on sensitive issues. With this feature, you can decide whether comments will be hidden to all visitors that have not contributed yet or to all respondents, period.

This means you can rely on the fact that each response has been provided, free of any influence by the sentiment of other comments. 

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