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Reach out to our subscribed community of over 100k engaged citizens to participate in your local or national  projects.

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Our engaged community panel

The 'Commonplace Communities' panel provides access to an opted-in, verified group of 100,000 community members giving you the confidence to reach the people that you need to kick start your projects.


Launch your projects with confidence

All of our subscribed respondents have indicated that they would like to hear of future Commonplace projects happening in their area.

When a new project goes live, we can notify people in the local community to have their say and participate in your engagement.


Access hard to reach communities

We help you target parts of the community that don’t traditionally engage in local decision-making.

An example? 70% of our users are under the age of 45.  By bringing together hard-to-reach communities in an online environment, our panel allows you to reach difficult, time poor and remote groups. 


Hear from communities...faster

We’ve built a panel of over 100k people who want to engage in your project.

When you launch your consultation, an email goes out to panel members in the area inviting them to have their say.

This significantly speeds up the research process and makes a quick turnaround possible.

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    Promote and build awareness of your engagements and get more people to participate.

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    Collect suggestions and ideas from your community on a range of different topics

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    Explore and understand real-time community insight with ease.

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    Continually engage throughout the process, share updates and build trust.