Ideas Wall

Give your community a virtual space where they can safely share their ideas and stories.

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The place where community ideas come to life

The Ideas wall is a public bulletin board where your community can post suggestions and stories, add comments and recommendations, and tell you what they love about the area.


Tap into local knowledge

The ideas wall is a blank canvas for you to collect people's thoughts, experiences and ideas online in just a few clicks.

Your community can create a tile, share their idea or story and invite others to comment and vote on their suggestion.


Solve problems together

The wall allows you to display ideas by topic to get the community involved and provide visibility into what they would like implemented.

Not only can users share their own ideas, they can vote on others and help prioritise the most popular suggestions.


Moderate the discussion

The ideas wall has inbuilt AI to help prevent any content being shared that is against our terms of use.

Once an idea has been submitted, it is checked for any profanity and explicit content before being published. This is to ensure that the conversation remains a safe space for constructive dialogue.


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