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Keep your community up to date with key project news and developments.

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Commonplace News Feed

Continually engage your community 

Using the newsfeed, share status updates, project milestones, and success stories with your community. It allows you to keep your community continually engagement throughout the project to help build trust and transparency with local people.


Share project news and announcements

Using the newsfeed tool, you can keep your community informed by sharing detailed updates about the progress of your projects.

Our easy-to-use editor allows you to include rich content to help you bring your announcements and ideas to life.


Re-engage project subscribers

The news feed acts as an ongoing communications tool for your project. 

Every time a new article or announcement is published, it is automatically shared with your project subscribers to make sure they stay involved in the discussion.


'Close the loop' in your engagement

Community engagement should be a two-way conversation.

The updates are published for all stakeholders to view, providing additional transparency around how their feedback has influenced the further development of the project.

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