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Spatial Analysis

Embed geographic data into your analysis to understand your community on a more detailed level; right down to their specific neighbourhoods.

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Explore your data by location

Spatial analysis allows you to explore your data in new ways - find patterns and trends based on where things happen, not just what happens. Use this powerful GIS approach within our platform to analyze your data and unlock trends in specific neighbourhoods.


Explore sentiment and theme by area

In Beta

Explore sentiment and theme at a neighbourhood, city or county level by viewing your data on a map. Choose an area and see the sentiment and themes for that population.

This tool is great for local government officials who need to understand their community’s opinions on certain topics.


Filter contributions by location

In Beta

With a new interface that allows seamless connections to postcode and boundary data, you can focus on what people are saying in a particular territory.


Benchmark vs baseline population

Discover who is participating in your consultation. Zoom into a postal district and benchmark against ONS data in the area so you can ensure proportional representation.

Explore other features

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    Promote and build awareness of your engagements and get more people to participate.

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    Collect suggestions and ideas from your community on a range of different topics

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    Explore and understand real-time community insight with ease.

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    Continually engage throughout the process, share updates and build trust.