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AI-Powered Topic and Sentiment Analysis (in beta)

Save precious time by identifying topics and sentiments from your community with ease. 

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Get actionable insights from your community With TrendsAI

Our specially trained AI model removes the tedious work of analysing every single response by instantly identifying the key trends your community is talking about.

We have five fully trained models, each fine-tuned by our in-house data scientists:

    • Active Travel
    • Housing (Development / Local Plans)
    • Regeneration / Public Realm / Neighbourhood Maps
    • Post-occupancy / Quality of Life
    • Climate & Environment 



Topic Analysis

Long free text answers to your questions? No problem. Our engagement AI model automatically uncovers the key topics so you can easily get to the heart of community needs.

Use it to get an overview of your rich engagement feedback so that you can quickly put your insights into action.


Sentiment Analysis

Over the course of a project, people's opinions can change and evolve. 

With natural language processing (NLP), sentiment in free-text questions can be easily identified. This gives a deeper view than a closed rating scale as respondents can express their opinions more freely.



Summarise answers in seconds

Free text questions have never been more useful! Now you can automatically generate a summary of all answers.

Filter by topic and demographic to get a quick overview of community thoughts. 

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