Theme Analysis

See what matters most to your community and uncover suggestions for how you can best support them.

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Commonplace Theme Analysis

Get actionable insights from your community feedback

Our theme analysis removes the tedious work of analysing every single response by instantly identifying the key themes your community is talking about.


Understand the key topics in your community

Our free-text reader can analyse thousands of your community comments in just minutes. 

Use it to get an overview of your rich engagement feedback so that you can quickly put your insights into action.


Track community sentiment over time

Over the course of a project, people's opinions can change and evolve. 

Using the theme analysis tool, compare sentiment and interest levels over time and monitor the performance of the actions that you've taken.



Filter and segment based on topic or sentiment

Quickly identify problems that need resolving and respond to those residents right away.

The platform allows you to segment based upon topic or sentiment giving you the ability to address issues as they arise.

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