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Regeneration & Development Engagement

Deliver social value through engagement

Get productive, meaningful and representative input from communities and make sure your developments deliver what people need and want.

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Effective engagement for the built environment

Commonplace helps to make sure that communities are genuinely involved in decision-making to maximize social value through the development process. This means that developments can be planned and executed in ways that represent the needs of the majority of stakeholders - rather than the few.


Early Engagement


Pre Application Consultation

Planning Submission

Planning Submission

Planning Approval

Planning Approval

Ongoing Engagement

Ongoing Engagement

Build trust with the local community

Build trust with your local community

Give communities a tool to help air their voices, and views to build collaboration. 

Share plans and designs openly, and actively seek feedback to gain trust and buy-in from local people. 

The platform shows how their contributions can have an impact on proposals to help make sure they feel their voice is being heard.

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Reach the 'silent majority'

Commonplace helps you to reach audiences beyond the town hall and other traditional engagement methods

Our online engagement platform allows you to appreciate the views of younger and more diverse members of the community and engage them in constructive conversation.

An example? 70% of our users are under the age of 45.  


Put Social Value at the Heart of your Projects

Put social value at the heart of your projects

Embed your social value framework into your engagement site so that you can see how well you are doing at responding to residents and communities.

 Measure social value over time, make better decisions about your community-based activities, and show local communities what a difference they are making.

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Take the guesswork out of public consultation

Commonplace's engaging and inclusive platform captures and analyses the opinion and sentiment of the community – giving you insights to shape, refine and deliver projects people love. 

For developers, this means a streamlined community engagement process and access to robust and accurate data to support your planning applications.

Every Commonplace engagement comes with


Extensive Reach

Tap into a network of 100k engaged citizens.


Customer Success Manager

Dedicated support to help you maximise your engagement.

Data Security

Data Security

We are Cyber Essentials certified and ISO27001 compliant.

Continuous Improvement

Ongoing Improvements

New releases delivered every month at no extra cost.

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Customer Stories

"We used Commonplace to build a long-term community outreach program... We asked people what were the priorities for the peninsula and what were their needs."

Ushna Mogul

Ushna Mughal

Community Engagement Lead - Knight Dragon

“Commonplace has enabled us to reach thousands of residents and helped us better understand what they like about our town centre and what they'd like to see improved... It has assisted us in promoting a sense of local identity and in building trust through openness.”

Deborah Efemini

Deborah Eefemini

Central Lewisham Town Manager

"Commonplace's digital platform has allowed us to reach more members of the local community than we would have otherwise been able to do. The input has been considered and thoughtful, and is vital in helping us create a plan for the future of Blackpool."

Scott Butterfield

Scott Butterfield

Strategy & Policy Research Manager - Blackpool Council
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