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Residential Development

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Boost understanding, get consensus and deliver projects that people love with our resident engagement hub.

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Residential dev

250+ companies trust Commonplace

Build social value through community feedback

Put the views, needs and aspirations of local residents at the heart of your decision-making. Commonplace acts as a central hub for community feedback to gather input on design, construction, post-occupancy evaluation and ongoing community projects.

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Commonplace Engagement Hub

Engage residents in a constructive dialogue

Give local residents a safe space to share their ideas, thoughts and suggestions about the places they live. Our resident engagement hubs bring developments to life with intuitive maps, interactive 3D and easy-to-use surveys.

We make sure there are mechanisms in place to keep the commentary constructive. The result? You get clear, reasoned input and feedback about the future of your projects.

Surveys - Attractive - easy to use

Develop a true partnership with local residents

Get to know your community and set your sights on continuous co-creation. 

Involve communities early and regularly to bring about a complete shift in the way you think about and benefit from engagement


Participation Dash - Track the conversation as it develops-1

Make engagement faster, more insightful and cost-effective

Break down barriers to engagement - and get useful insights faster and more cost effectively than traditional methods. 

Get your hands on the data that will keep your projects on track, minimise risk and make sure budget is well spent.

Every Commonplace engagement comes with


Extensive Reach

Tap into a network of 100k engaged citizens.


Customer Success Manager

Dedicated support to help you maximise your engagement.

Data Security

Data Security

We are Cyber Essentials certified and ISO27001 compliant.

Continuous Improvement

Ongoing Improvements

New releases delivered every month at no extra cost.

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Customer Stories

"At the moment we are using Commonplace to explore different ways to engage with residents particularly during the challenges of lockdown to help engage with communities and find out ways to shape their neighbourhoods."

Meghan Doyle

Meghan Doyle

Head of Social and Economic Investment, NHG

“Commonplace was a critically important part of this project. The technology worked like a dream and it helped us to get better feedback and create better relationships with the community."

Newman Francis

Chris Jenkins

Engagement Officer, Newman Francis

"Commonplace is gathering and analysing resident needs to inform our plans to regenerate Devons Road. It really reflects the whole community."

Robert Lantsbury

Robert Lantsbury

Resident Engagement, Poplar Harca
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