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10 ways to attract new customers to your housing development

Are you fully capitalising on the potential of digital engagement to entice prospective customers to your housing developments?

Many of our innovative real estate development partners are reaping the rewards of heightened engagement, simultaneously gaining planning permissions and captivating the interest of future residents.

Geolocated insights from local residents play a pivotal role in guiding developers toward future-proofed designs and understanding local opportunities and challenges before the planning stage.

At Commonplace, we're at the forefront of assisting our private sector clients with inventive and people-centric marketing techniques. We witness developers forging connections with residents at the project's early stages, fostering trust, uncovering opportunities, and even securing consent to share a scheme's marketing materials.

Digital engagement for planning not only facilitates effective communication but also enables property developers to craft a more immersive and inclusive experience for potential residents. This transparency, interactivity, and responsiveness contribute to building a positive reputation and attracting a community that feels informed and engaged throughout the development process.

Commonplace provides a data-led engagement solution supporting organisations from the early design and planning stages through post-occupancy. The platform allows users to host engagements using maps to pinpoint local residents' thoughts or sentiments, fostering transparency and building a valuable database.

Here are ten strategic ways developers are leveraging the Commonplace platform:

  1. Consent box to market schemes: Solicit consent through customizable boxes for direct communication.

  2. Segmented Messaging: Tailor communications based on survey responses to specific groups. Proactively share relevant information and eliminate negative responses to build trust.

  3. Brand Image Enhancement: Engage with local residents early on to elevate brand image and trust levels. Use valuable local sentiment data to refine property descriptions and engage with targeted audiences.

  4. Hyper-Targeted Social Media Advertising: Leverage social media promotion for innovative advertising beyond existing channels. Tap into a broad audience for early engagement and community building.

  5. Compelling Content and Trusted Engagement: Survey local residents and share compelling content to educate and build trust. Utilise video interviews to explain design choices and social value efforts.

  6. Immersive Design Storytelling: Commonplace has dozens of interactive features and over 20 add-ons to build your engagement with. Enhance your project narratives with virtual imagery, 3D views, and integrations like VU.CITY. Use interactive imagery and interactive documents to explain the design or co-design process / development change story.

  7. CoDesign for Community Engagement: Foster guaranteed community investment through CoDesign, involving residents in the design process. Use our codesign tools for 'optionality' surveys and more. Curate future events based on residents' wants and needs to activate developments. 

  8. Informed Marketing Strategies: Harness data for local market perceptions and sentiment analysis to inform decisions.

  9. Tenant Perception Surveys: Showcase positive aspects through feedback from happy residents, captured on Commonplace. (via text, video or photos)

  10. Reach Future Customers by Mobile: Optimize your Commonplace for mobile accessibility to tap into future residents effectively - directly in their pockets!


In conclusion, Commonplace acts as a strategic ally in real estate sales and marketing, providing a comprehensive solution to engage communities, refine marketing strategies, and enhance brand perception. The platform's diverse features enable developers to establish a solid foundation for success in a competitive market, ensuring a positive reputation and an engaged community throughout the development journey.

Digital engagement is now much more than a tick-box exercise at pre-planning - it's a proven way to educate, build trust and reach future customers.

Take a look at some examples right here:

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Charlotte Bowen

Charlotte Bowen