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Introducing 'Design Feedback' for Commonplaces


Commonplace has a new tool! Most Commonplaces so far have been used pre-consultation to provide the opportunity - via a map - to tag areas that people like, think should be maintained or to highlight areas which need attention and therefore provide a better evidence base on what public money should be spent on.

The Design Feedback tool is used for sharing proposals of schemes and new developments online and inviting residents to comment on particular details to inform further development of these proposals. Commonplace works with project stakeholders to structure and present content in the best possible way for people to comment. Compared to conventional workshop feedback sessions, Commonplace more easily provides a greater number of comments and more in depth feedback to particular scheme details. It facilitates a constructive conversation rather than just asking about general impressions of the scheme and whether people support the scheme or not. There are currently 3 Commonplaces that are using the new tool. Check them out below.

Design Feedback features

  • The landing page sets out the project’s vision and explains why people should take part by adding their comments.
  • Plans & comments are shown in the Proposal section.The interface highlights the number & positivity of comments. People can easily add multiple comments to proposal details to inform further development.
  • Updates & responses. You can add news items to the site throughout the project, to help drive engagement and demonstrate how you are responding to themes of people’s comments.
  • The Client Dashboard is available to customer admin accounts, showing responses, themes and positivity in real time. A downloadable report is also available for formal submissions.

Projects currently live using design feedback

Fee Schmidt-Soltau

Fee Schmidt-Soltau

Design & Usability