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Introducing 'Project News' for your Commonplace


Project news is a great way to report progress and provide both insight and key observations gleaned from the comments entered so far. It provides a running commentary on the project in an easy to digest way. Quality feedback helps increase participation. We’re finding people are much more likely to get involved when the project organisers continuously respond to how people feel about the project.

People can subscribe to receive news updates and share them with their friends on Twitter and Facebook.

We have made it really easy to add project news:

  • Simply format the text using a familiar word processor style toolbar.
  • Paste in fragments from other documents or web-pages, preserving the format.
  • Drag and drop images or photos you would like to include in the news item.
  • Link to other websites or external pdf documents.

Here is a video showing how easy it is to add news to a project.

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Andy Pols

Andy Pols

CTO - Technology and Analytics