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We've been rethinking regeneration...

Regeneration means different things to different people. But one thing is clear: a large majority (76%) of people in the UK want greater influence over how changes to their neighbourhood are planned. Delivering this opportunity is one of the pillars of the Commonplace service and a passionate part of our mission.

So to be part of a groundbreaking project that re-thinks the meaning of regeneration around the country has been both a delight and an extraordinary opportunity to learn. The project is called Rethinking Regeneration, created by industry leaders Trowers and Hamlins.

Regeneration can be a force for social and environmental good: and with the UN estimating that cities are responsible for 75% of global carbon emissions, gaining a deep understanding of all of its dynamics is essential.

Powered by expertise from Trowers & Hamlins and ING Media, and data from Commonplace and Evaluate Locate, Rethinking Regeneration has triangulated critical input from some of the country’s leading built environment thinkers at roundtable debates in Birmingham, Manchester, Plymouth and London. It has highlighted what makes people feel positive - and negative - about regeneration; how regeneration affects the places it regenerates; and what can be done to support more successful regeneration projects. 
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(Image credit: Torwers & Hamlin)

The built environment brain power brought to bear in generating these exciting insights and recommendations feels particularly valuable this year, with so many problems to solve and opportunities on which to capitalise.

The Rethinking Regeneration findings were previewed at the Trowers and Hamlins MIPIM breakfast, and report will be published in the coming months. In this year of political, economic and environmental change, it should be essential reading for cities, developers and policymakers alike.

Our recently published 'Attitudes to Regeneration’ report presents some of the Commonplace analysis that went into this project and helped to frame the recommendations. 

Mike Saunders

Mike Saunders

Mike is the CEO and Co-Founder of Commonplace, an online community engagement tool that promotes trust between residents, property developers and local government.