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Introducing the Commonplace Select Feature

Introducing Commonplace Select, the most innovative way to customise your engagement or consult specific audiences.

Thanks to customer demand and user research over the last year, we have now launched Commonplace Select. This enables our customers to have invite only consultations or hidden comments within their engagements. This is needed for statutory consultations for specific groups, pre planning stakeholder engagement, surveys for tenants in housing associations or residents in post-occupancy evaluation.

Since Commonplace is a public facing platform, rooted in the principles of transparency, we will always ask customers to publish openly that the engagement and/or consultation is under way. We also ask our customers to publish a summary of findings at the end so the public understands how this step shaped the broader consultation and any outcomes from that stage. 

Commonplace Select includes two primary solutions:

1) Comments that are invite only

2) Comments that are hidden to the public

Let's discover them each below: 

1) Invite Only

Upload a list of residents, patients, tenants or whoever your key audiences are, to only share that consultation directly to those communities. We will send them a unique link by email inviting them to respond in a private site for your survey. 

As we are a transparent platform, customers should always run a public consultation alongside the invite only, to ensure you have a benchmark of public sentiment and to keep the community included at each stage in the process. 

Key Benefits:

  • Gather feedback while protecting vulnerable groups or stakeholders
  • Re-invite the stakeholders who have yet to contribute
  • Restrict the possibility for campaigning by individuals or groups
  • Offer incentives to complete questionnaires
  • Discuss sensitive topics in a controlled environment

2) Hidden Comments
If you choose to turn on hidden comments, it will deactivate the ability for the respondents to view other people’s comments. Instead, it will re-direct them to the “Have your say page” or to a project summary page, where, depending on the approach you choose, respondents will have to add their own contribution before being able to view those of others or won’t have the ability to see them at all.

Please see in the image above an example of

redirecting users to add their contribution

before being able to read those of others.

The summary page redirects interested

users to enrol in the invite only scheme.

Key Benefits:

  • Gather feedback while protecting vulnerable groups or stakeholders
  • Rule out bias if you feel respondents are swayed by what other people have said
  • Remove bias by isolating contributors, making their contribution more unique 
  • Increase engagement by showing contributions only after posting to see additional community feedback and capture agreements

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Nouvella Kusi

Nouvella Kusi