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Why choose a Corporate Licence for your organisation?

Would you believe us if we told you that your organisation could engage on more projects for less? Well, you should, because it’s true. And if you weren’t aware, then read on to learn how! 

Today’s product blog is here to clue you in on how collaborating with other departments in your organisation will help you save on overall engagement costs.

Why the Commonplace Corporate Licence?

You might wonder why this is worth highlighting. Well, apart from your specific project team, consider how many teams within your department, let alone the wider business, will need to consult communities, businesses, boroughs and cities, about projects you have planned for their localities. 

Our guess is, there are quite a few, for example, planning, transport and housing to name a few, which means you could save your organisation thousands of pounds. So, without further ado…


What is a Corporate licence?

The Commonplace corporate licence allows your organisation an unlimited number of different engagement websites for entirely separate projects for as long as the licence is valid. 

This is different to a Project Licence, where you can have an unlimited number of surveys and heatmaps for the same project, and different still to the Departmental licence, which enables you unlimited engagement websites within your department specifically. 

Are you still following? Good. The table below might make things easier to digest:

Licence table-1

Want to learn more about the different licences on offer?

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How can your business benefit from this?

As the saying goes: sharing is caring, and it really is caring, (as well as an excellent financial decision) to help departments across your organisation engage for less. But apart from this, there are many reasons the corporate licence is the best next step for your organisation:

  • Commonplace offers a degree of social value you’d struggle to find elsewhere. Our people-centred approach helps project teams build a relationship with the community, which boosts support for your projects and positions your organisation as a trusted name within the community, able to collaborate with local people on a range of areas.This includes planning and transport but also: biodiversity; climate change; youth services; mental wellbeing; and cultural assets

  • We’ve noticed that organisations using Commonplace more widely end up experiencing higher levels of engagement than organisations using commonplace as a one-off. This is because they often engage with the same localities, making more comfortable with the interface. They can also opt to receive updates on their favourite projects and the latest projects.

  • We’re aware that many project teams within one organisation experience siloed working. Having a Corporate licence encourages a more collaborative approach, in which learnings from previous projects can be shared from team to team. This also benefits internal processes and can promote greater efficiency around future engagements.


Commonplace Engagements better cater to the needs of your Communities

We’ve taken time, over the years, to get to know our customers and their communities and take pride in the relationship that we developed to ensure Commonplace helps you achieve wide-reaching, trusted engagements. We’ve recently spoken to you about how flexible the platform has become and the various services to help power positive participation in your engagements. We’re on this journey for the long haul, continuing to look for ways in which we can make your engagements better. So why not get in touch with us to learn more about why the Corporate licence is the best next step for you.

If your team has more projects planned for the near future, get in touch so we can make sure you're on the licence that best suits you.

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Nouvella Kusi

Nouvella Kusi