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Our online engagement platform allows you to connect with the whole community, hear their voices and make better, more inclusive decisions about places.

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Over 250 organisations use Commonplace to engage their communities




are thriving on our platform


6.4 Million


to our engagement platform


2.5 Million


have been processed and analysed.



Engagement sites

have been set up by our customers

Citizen Engagement Platform

Gain a shared understanding of community priorities

Commonplace identifies what’s important to communities. It pinpoints the key locations and topics local people are talking about, making it easy to integrate feedback into planning decisions.


Community Heatmap

Allow users to drop a pin on the map and add their ideas.

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Engagement Sites

Publish information and build beautiful, interactive sites for your community.

Community Panel Access Hard to Reach communities (1)

Reach a broader audience

Townhall meetings tend to capture the opinions of a very small sector of the community at one moment in time. Commonplace engages with a broad audience, often over many weeks. We help you target parts of the community that don’t traditionally engage in planning issues. An example? 70% of our users are under the age of 45.  


Community Panel

Connect with our 100k strong engagement community.


Social Media Promotion

Use our social media promotion to connect with a wider audience for your engagement.

Commonplace data reporting

Make more inclusive decisions

Commonplace not only enables broader community conversations - it turns those conversations into a rich, data-led understanding. It transforms many voices into key themes, allowing for more inclusive decision-making.


Spatial Analysis

Uncover local trends and identify problem areas.


Theme Analysis

View and filter responses based on key themes and sentiment.

One Platform, many use cases...

Organisations across many sectors have used Commonplace to better understand their communities on a range of different topics.  

Learn how you can use the platform to help build better places with your community

"Commonplace is so instant and interactive, that we can reach a massive audience with it... this instantly gets the message out there straight away to as many people as we want which is brilliant."

Amy Priestly, Urban Designer - Waltham Forest

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