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Climate Community Engagement

Co-create greener, more sustainable places

Involve your community in climate action and find ways to reach net zero together.

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Community-led climate action planning

Whether it be sustainable transport, greener energy, waste reduction or protecting green spaces - our climate engagement hubs help you get your communities to work towards the same goals and make net zero an everyday reality.

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Connect People to your Climate Projects

Connect people to your climate projects

Give communities the chance to participate in shaping local climate action plans and engage them in climate conversation.

Our engagements gather up to 10x more responses than traditional methods, allowing quick, simple online feedback from any device.

It is the easiest, most effective way for your community to play an active part in your plan for a net-zero future.

Turn your climate action plans into reality (1)

Turn your climate action plans into reality

Bring together all the stakeholders needed to help turn your strategy into action. 

Our climate engagement hubs act as the central point to share information about events, initiatives and activities happening in the local area to help co-ordinate climate action.

Your community can get involved by sharing their own success stories and experiences to help motivate others to follow suit.



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Continually engage the community in climate action

Engagement is not just a one-off survey, using Commonplace, make your engagements an ongoing conversation.

Our climate engagement hubs let you continually evolve your approach and helps make sure you close the loop on community engagement.

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Tap into a network of 100k engaged citizens.


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Dedicated support to help you maximise your engagement.

Data Security

Data Security

We are Cyber Essentials certified and ISO27001 compliant.

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Ongoing Improvements

New releases delivered every month at no extra cost.

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Customer Stories

"Working with Commonplace to adapt the system for use in Wales has been really straightforward and efficient... One of the reasons the Welsh Government chose Commonplace as our preferred supplier for  online engagement was they had different tools available to suit different engagement stages"

Jane Lorimer

Jane Lorimer

Project Officer - Welsh Government

The London Borough of Haringey, wanted to put the community at the centre of their Climate Action Plan. Using Commonplace, they sought the opinions of local residents and businesses to understand their views and ideas to help reach net zero carbon by 2041.

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London Borough

"Commonplace is so instant and interactive, that we can reach a massive audience with it... this instantly gets the message out there straight away to as many people as we want which is absolutely brilliant."

Amy Priestley

Amy Priestley

Urban Designer - Waltham Forest
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