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Commonplace has helped us understand more about the needs of businesses, visitors and residents in our area. It has given us a valuable new perspective – we’re delighted with what it’s delivering.
Nadia Broccardo, Executive Director, Team London Bridge

Broaden public participation in the planning process, by transforming consultation through technology

Collect a wide variety of views by engaging a diverse audience through using Commonplace as your  online engagement partner. By eliminating manual data-crunching, collected by traditional engagement methods, Commonplace not only provides you with instant information for your current project, but also opens up valuable pathways for tracking your community over time.
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Your project, our platform

Forget building or bolting on to your own website. Your ‘Commonplace’ is hosted on our customisable platform, making online consultation simple and cost-effective.
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Diversity of views

Giving feedback via Commonplace takes just minutes from any device. Projects elicit up to 10 times more responses, from a better cross-section of the community.
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Soft issues into hard data

The Commonplace platform maps qualitative as well as quantitative data, translating ‘soft’ responses into data that can be collated and used alongside numerical stats.

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Long-term engagement

Commonplace is integrated with social media, allowing you to host open conversations, build connections and monitor communities’ needs as they evolve over time.

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Architects & planners who use Commonplace include:

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