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Take the guesswork out of public consultation

Commonplace provides developers with concrete, in-depth data about stakeholders and their views, along with a suite of powerful tools for analysing and presenting information.
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Using Commonplace gave us new insights and evidence to support our design process and planning application. It is very attuned to the client’s and project’s needs.
Silvia Lazzerini, Development Director, Grosvenor

A simpler way of sharing planning data

Commonplace makes it easy to collect large data sets and to compile, segment and share information in highly accessible formats. For developers, that means a streamlined community engagement process and strengthened negotiations with planning authorities. 

Your project, our platform

Forget building or bolting on to your own website. Your ‘Commonplace’ is hosted on our customisable platform, making online consultation simple and cost-effective.

Deep-dive dashboard

Don’t rely on educated guesses and PR. Commonplace presents real information via a user-friendly interface that lets you dig deep into the numbers and the geography.

Stronger negotiations

Commonplace projects elicit up to 10 times more responses than traditional methods, giving you robust, accurate data to support your planning applications.

Ongoing conversations
Commonplace allows you to lead an open community conversation, integrated with social media, that builds trust and establishes relationships with key stakeholders.

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