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You’ve run consultations – so you know how hard it is to engage local people. You’ve also experienced the analytical nightmare of processing data from many different sources such as exhibitions, community events, social media and other digital channels.

Commonplace bridges the divide between you and the public, collecting volumes of balanced, constructive and representative feedback, into one intuitive hub.

Designed from the ground up for councils and developers undertaking regeneration, development and transport projects, our tools are made for people and places. They match the timeline, themes and the nature of your projects and allow you to show people how changes could impact them. You can analyse their feedback in real-time, respond strategically to their concerns, and output information tailored to your planning submission or report.

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A single platform with purpose‑built modules to deliver the deepest, most comprehensive place‑based engagements

Community Heatmap

The Community Heatmap analyses and helps you prioritise the needs of your community. Ideas, concerns, opinions and aspirations are visual and ready for exploration (by you, and other members of the public).

It has been extensively tried and tested. Communities love it and trust it. Successful heatmaps  attract over 10,000 contributions. By sparking conversation and serving up invaluable input into issues, locations and stakeholders, the Community Heatmap is the perfect tool for early stage engagement.


View our Bristol case study to learn more.


Design Feedback

When you are ready to present your proposals, they are likely to have many elements and messages. We make it easy to make the complex simple and to get the feedback you need from the public.

Design Feedback presents your scheme in bite-sized themes or journeys, and allows you to include a variety of engaging content (including video and and even VR). You can ask targeted contextual questions, monitor feedback and respond to individuals or groups.

As your engagement progresses, you can update your proposals, and open or close sections independently (helping you to clearly communicate different project phases). All in all, think of Commonplace as everything you need to minimise planning risks.


View our Mosaic place case study to learn more.

Dashboard reporting

Whether using the Community Heatmap, Design Feedback or a combination of the two, our powerful dashboard gives you immediate access to all the data and analysis you need to:

  • Make decisions during the engagement process

  • Identify and fill gaps in responses

  • Understand trends and themes

  • Drill down into particular aspects or respondent groups

  • Produce reports

All the data (subject to GDPR restrictions) can also be downloaded for further analysis using your own tools.

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