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Case Studies

Mini Holland in Waltham Forest
Waltham Forest Council

Waltham Forest Council was awarded £27million by Transport for London for the Mini Holland Programme. The programme will transform the borough, making it more cycle friendly, and encourage more people to take up cycling and walking.

Amy Priestley from the Waltham Forest Mini Holland team talks about her experience with the programme, and the benefits of using Commonplace to engage local people.

Commonplace is proving to be a constructive tool in engaging residents and businesses, and easily understanding their needs.
Iain Killingbeck, Waltham Forest Council
Mosaic Place, Purley

Developer, Thornsett, together with the Purley Baptist Church presented plans that complied with planning guidelines but met stiff initial local opposition.

Commonplace worked with Thornsett to create an open dialogue about the plans, and to help mobilise beneficiaries of the proposals.

Preview of Mosaic Place Commonplace in Purley
We decided to use Commonplace because we recognised that high quality, open engagement was the best way to reduce our planning risks. Commonplace delivered this very successfully.
Tony Pritchard, Development Manager, Thornsett
West Norwood
Regeneris and London Borough of Lambeth
The goal of the project was to understand the needs of the community to inform a future masterplan. A large number of respondents was required to effectively explore the opportunities for building new homes, creating employment and attracting investment into the area.
Preview of West Norwood Commonplace

Commonplace has been a fantastic tool for the CoDesign Peckham project. It provided a prominent emphasis of the project’s open-ness and transparency, helping to drive other engagement activities and creating a credible evidence base that will continue to have value throughout subsequent stages. During the CoDesign process, feedback from local people using Commonplace suggested changes that were incorporated strengthening it’s usability even further. It comes highly recommended as an engagement and insight tool.

Alistair Huggett, Southwark Council
Bristol Bugbears
City of Bristol and TravelWest

The City of Bristol wanted to directly invest in ‘Bugbears’ - minor issues that are a nuisance and deterrent to cycling and walking.

The best way to identify these was to engage the public and crowd-source ideas.
Screenshots of the Bristol Bugbears Commonplace

The Commonplace has been hugely successful - 5,000 responses in a month. If these were emails or tweets, the work of sorting them would have been immense.

Phil Wright, Engagement Manager, Bristol City Council
GATEway driverless vehicles
Driverless vehicles are being trailed in North Greenwich, London. Commonplace is used to collect and analyse people's sentiment. Ridden or seen one of the vehicles or just live in the area? Share your hopes and concerns for a driverless future.
Photo of one of the driverless vehicles and preview of a Commonplace map with comments.